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FOCC works with the latest generation of remote sensing technologies, which allow collecting information on large areas in a short time, including areas that are inaccessible or difficult to study (for example, over-humid areas). The data obtained are:

  • High accuracy – spatial or terrain information with 10-15 cm accuracy in x, y, z directions and up to 20×20 cm geometric resolution (pixel size);
  • Objectively represent the real situation and comparable – collected with the same techniques and constant high quality;
  • Indicators reflecting the state and processes of environmental elements, which make it possible to assess the presence of chemical elements, including pollution, without laboratory analyses, as well as to determine the composition, state and reaction of the vegetation to influencing conditions.


Forest Owners Consultative Center uses four aircraft for special aviation work:

  • Twin-engine aircraft: BN2T-4S
  • Twin-engine aircraft: Cessna 404 Titan
  • Single-engine aircraft: Cessna FR 172E
  • Single-engine aircraft: Cessna 172F



The LIDAR laser scanner is a fully automated remote sensing instrument based on an aviation platform, which allows obtaining a high-precision three-dimensional (3D) data set of the earth’s surface and the objects on it.


CASI 1500 is a remote sensing sensor device based on an aviation platform, with the help of which electromagnetic radiation data of materials and substances on the ground are obtained in up to 288 narrow (2.4-2.7nm) intervals or bands. The CASI 1500 detected spectral region is in the interval from 380 to 1050nm.