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SIA “Forest Owners Consultative Center” (FOCC) was founded in 1996. Since the very beginnings of the company, its employees have been characterized by the ability to look at things unconventionally, the courage to change the usual approaches, the ability to use their creative potential and the abundance of ideas for the development of innovative services.

In 1999, FOCC is the first private company in Latvia to receive the permission of the State Forest Service to conduct an independent forest inventory.

In 2001, FOCC is the first private company in Eastern Europe to obtain the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) (FSC) forest management group certificate.

In 2002, FOCC creates a special aviation work unit – the company purchases two single-engine airplanes and equips them with high-resolution digital cameras. Aerial photography of forests, production of aerial photographs and orthophoto maps is started.

In 2005, FOCC established a strategic partnership with the Swedish-Norwegian company group “FORAN Group”. The joint venture SIA “FORAN Baltic” is established and the export of forestry services to Scandinavian countries is started.

In 2006, FOCC purchases a new P68 Observer twin-engine aircraft, which is equipped with the latest generation laser scanning system (LiDAR). In the same year, the company opens the general aviation airport “Cēsis”. In cooperation with scientists from the Swedish Defense Research Agency, work begins on the transfer of aviation-based remote sensing and Internet technologies for the development of innovative forestry and environmental management services and products.

In 2008, FOCC purchased the most modern aviation-based remote sensing equipment in Europe – the latest generation laser scanners and hyperspectral sensor systems.

In 2009, FOCC, in cooperation with FORAN Baltic, starts work on a new product – assessment of the vitality of forest plants, using combined hyperspectral and laser scanning data obtained by aviation.